GROW THE GRIND was established in 2018 in an effort to motivate and inspire young golfers and their families to enjoy the grind that is golf.  The demand, dedication, commitment and work ethic it takes to improve at the game is second to none.  The challenge for young players to drive themselves and grind daily comes with much sacrifice.  That sacrificial process often leads to burnout, frustration, and disappointment. Through the grind that is golf, parents and players often lose track of their Why. Grow the Grind is centered around 3 core values. Work Hard, Make it Fun, & Enjoy the Journey Together. Our goal is to provide opportunities for junior golfers and their families to not only enjoy working hard at the game of golf, but focus on making the grind both fun and rewarding.

JUNIOR GOLFER ALLI WIERTEL,  developed the original concept and brand for Grow the Grind after an unsuccessful Drive, Chip, and Putt qualifier. Failure in competition often brings the worst out in both adults and children. Through both frustration and sadness Alli lost track of her Why.  As parents we push our kids past their comfort zones for their own benefit, but that grind can lead to a results driven mentality. When kids put in the work, but the results lead to “failure” both players and parents get fixated on final scores and tournament placing.  That letdown convinces junior golfers that winning is a requirement, and they lose track of their growth mindset. The joy in the journey is lost, and that is an absolute shame. Our Why is simple at Grow the Grind. Work hard while having fun, but more importantly cherish the opportunities and lessons the grind of golf provides.  Keep the focus on the family time shared together while building character, discipline, and a bond that will last a lifetime.

We love our Grow the Grind community and welcome your feedback and suggestions. Use our Contact Us page to tell us what we’re doing right or what we can improve on. You can also suggest your own weekly grind challenge and collaborate with our team in creating a unique practice challenge to share with golfers around the world.  If chosen, you and our team will create a custom Grow the Grind Challenge Ball Marker. Your challenge and your marker will be made available to our community of golfers after production, reach out today and help us Grow the Grind!